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For further information on ISR and Sea-web please contact us:

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Discover Sea-web

Sea-web provides ship information on over 95,000 more vessels than ISR. Request a product evaluation to discover its capabilities that will provide you with so much more.

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The fully searchable maritime web application tool

Sea-web combines comprehensive ships, owners, shipbuilders, fixtures, casualties, port state control, ISM and real-time ship movements data and ports information into a single application.

Sea-web is an enhanced service that includes all information from the Internet Ships Register but provides many additional benefits.
Key enhancements Sea-web provides include:

  • Ships down to 100 GT (ISR down to 300 GT)
  • Over 180,000 ships (+95,000 more than ISR)
  • 600 fields of information (+400 more than ISR)
  • Function to export data
  • Facility to create reports
  • Perform a full query
  • Direct link to equasis
  • More than 200,000 company records, representing 7 levels of group and operational ownership
  • Mobile Applications

Sea-web like ISR, is also updated every working day, ensuring that you have access to the very latest vessel information.

In addition to ship particulars, both ISR and Sea-web provide information on each vessel's owner, operator, manager and builder. Detentions information and ship photographs are also included.

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  • Additional Movements information available:
    Providing satellite and terrestrial coverage of ship positions and port callings along the world's critical maritime trade routes.
ship movements
  • Additional Ports module available:
    Provides the latest information on over 10,000 ports and terminals, enabling you to effectively plan a port call.
ship movements
  • Additional Casualty module available
    View a ships casualty history or search over 113,000 casualty incidents by a number of combined criteria.
ship movements
  • Additional Company Credit Reports available
    Download full company credit reports, providing accurate and timely company information and analysis.
ship movements