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Our content platforms are continuously being enhanced and, as part of this initiative, some legacy products are being withdrawn.

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Site Closure Date 1st April 2018.

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About Internet Ships Register

Access the latest information on commercial ships

The Internet ships Register (ISR) is designed for those who require access to the latest information on commercial ships over 300 GT and their owners, operators, managers and builders.

The service is updated every working day, ensuring that you have access to the very latest information on over 85,000 commercial vessels worldwide. In addition to ship particulars, the ISR provides information on each vessel's owner, operator, manager and builder. Detentions information and ship photographs are also included.

Internet Market Fixtures Module
Internet Market Fixtures is a separate chargeable module, which give you up-to-date fixture history on tankers and bulk carriers engaged in international trade. The comprehensive fixture information is provided by Maritime Research Inc.

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